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Non-Professional Interpreting: the Greek Case

by Zoi Resta The terminology used to refer to interpreting in public services and community settings has been relatively inconsistent up to now, appearing in overlapping or contradicting terms such as: ad hoc interpreting, community interpreting, public service interpreting, dialogue interpreting, cultural interpreting (Furmanek & Tipton, 2016: 2-3), intercultural mediation …


Pricing for translators

by Dimitra Stafilia This article is based on a pricing workshop presented by Dimitra Stafilia as part of the SHAPING OUR COMMON …



της Μαίρης Κυριακοπούλου Τόπος: πόλη της Κέρκυρας, Πάνω πλατεία, στο γκαζόν. Χρόνος: Καλοκαίρι 2007. Πρόσωπα: Η υποφαινόμενη, ονειροβατούσα και αιθεροβάμων φέρελπις σχεδόν …


The Gem

by Mata Salogianni When you translate literature, it just so happens that once in a while you may find yourself really, really …