Article Submission Guidelines

Who are we?

The Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University is a Scientific Association active in supporting graduate professional translators, promoting the recognition of their social and professional value, facilitating communication among its members, introducing ethical standards of conduct, providing training to its members, and increasing public awareness concerning the status of professional translation in Greece.


Why should you write for our blog?

We always encourage fellow translators/interpreters/language professionals to share thought-provoking stories that would prove useful and interesting for our blog’s readers (several thousand all over the world, consisting of freelance professionals that work in the field of translation, students, academics, and potential clients that work with or are looking to work with translation professionals).

If you want to share your knowledge, experiences and ideas with our blog’s readers, then you can submit your article to PEEMPIP. Our community is a friendly, active and cooperative group, and we like to help each other out.


Our Publishing Rules

  1. Read our blog. Check out some of our featured topics to get a sense of what gets published.
  2. Make it long (but not too long). Your article should be at least 500 words long, but make sure not to overdo it. We are SEO-friendly, but that’s not our ultimate purpose.
  3. Document format: Articles must be submitted in Word format (.doc, .docx).
  4. High resolution media & images (PNG or JPEG/JPG) Make sure to include all the necessary media that you would like your article to have. Include a high resolution featured/cover image, which should have a size of 1000x395px. Make sure you have the rights for each image you submit.
  5. Give credit. Never forget to properly cite your sources.
  6. Tags: Include the tags that you would like to be used when publishing the article.
  7. Proofreading: Proofread your articles before submission.
  8. Tell a story and make it concrete. When submitting an article, you should consider how this article helps the intended audience and what value it adds to their life and their line of work.
  9. Your ideas should be unique and your own. So, avoid plagiarism.
  10. Be friendly and share your experience. Be direct and address the readers as if they were your friends, explaining them how to do something and what your thoughts are on the topic.
  11. Self-promotion and excessive promotion. Do not publish an article to actively promote your brand, company or provided services. Self-promoting articles are considered a no-no and won’t be published. We’ve got the author bio for you to do that (s. #14 below).
  12. Links to your website. Including too many links in your article that direct readers to your own domain/website will be rejected as spammy.
  13. Job posts. Do not send us articles to post jobs. You can contact us directly at, if you want to share a job proposal and we’ll make sure to share it with our members directly.
  14. We accept articles mainly in Greek and English, but also in French, German and Spanish.
  15. Author bio & headshot. When you send us your article, make sure to also include a short bio and a high-resolution headshot image of 500x500px that will be placed at the end of your article, once published, and will be featured in the authors’ section of our blog.


What are the topics that interest our readers?

Topics that are covered in our blog are:

  • Translation/Interpreting
  • Languages and culture
  • Books and literature
  • Language/Translation tools and resources
  • Social media and new technologies
  • Professionalism, professional development and work in and outside Greece
  • Papers/studies on translation and language
  • Interviews with professionals of the language sector
  • Personal stories and articles about the translator’s daily routine and line of work

Before submitting your article, please make sure to carefully read our Publishing Rules.


How can I submit an article?

Please make sure to send us your article in a Word (.doc or .docx) format at and include the following:

  • Your bio: it should be approximately 60-80 words and should include any relevant social media links or email address(es) you wish to display (e.g. LinkedIn profile, Facebook page/profile, Twitter handle, website, etc.)
  • Your headshot/high res image: it should preferably be around 500x500px and it will be featured in the Authors’ page and at the end of your article.
  • Supporting media and images: you’ll need to send us
    • a high resolution featured/cover image (dimensions: 1000x395px);
    • any high-resolution images (in PNG or JPEG/JPG format) that you would like to be included to your article provided within your Word document with the necessary credits and source citing;
    • any infographics, videos or interactive content (GIF, etc.) that you want to be featured in your article by including the embedded code within your Word document.


Please note:

Average review time: Once your article is submitted, our blog’s moderators will review it within two weeks after submission.

Notification process: Writers who have submitted an article to be published on our blog will be notified whether their article fits the content of our blog and meets the requirements set out in the Publishing Rules or it has been rejected as unfit.

Sharing content: When submitting an article, you agree that it will be shared and featured on PEEMPIP’s social media pages and/or profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

We reserve the right to choose more appropriate media and photography, should the format of the provided media be considered unsuitable (in terms of content, size or resolution).

Do you have any more questions you can’t find an answer to? Then send us an email at We are always there to answer your questions.

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