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10 things you are sick of hearing as a freelance translator and interpreter

Freelance translators and interpreters are two professions with so much meaning, yet there are some things that still make us cringe no matter the context, no matter the situation. Check out the 10 most common situations translators and interpreters have often to deal with.

The Pomodoro effect

by Irida Griroropoulou Who likes tomatoes? Well, there is a good chance you will love them, once you have finished reading this …

Αποστολή: The Laughing Hippopotamus

της Μαριάννας Τσάτσου Ομαδική μετάφραση Ή πώς να αγαπήσουν το ίδιο κείμενο πολλά άτομα ταυτόχρονα  Όσοι και όσες έτυχε να περάσετε από …